Positive, Playful, Self-Motivated, Creative, Visual Storyteller.

I am a filmmaker, series creator and voice over talent with over 20 years experience in film, television, and web media production. I can create, develop, and produce your projects, with hands-on attention, shepherding them through all phases of development, pre-production, production and post-production, from concept to completion. Please feel free to contact me so that I may discuss how my expertise can exceed all of your expectations for both quality and your bottom line. Again, thank you again for taking an interest in my professional expertise. I look forward to working with you on your projects.

Filmmaker, Series Creator Demo Reel – CHRISTOPHER C. ODOM

Christopher C. Odom serves as the Vice-President of Content Creation for EJO Ventures. A published author and graduate of the UCLA Master of Fine Arts Program in Film, Television and Digital Media, Christopher C. Odom is a domestic and international award-winning filmmaker and voice over talent whose work has screened in major cities worldwide including Cannes, Berlin, Tel Aviv, New York and Los Angeles. 

23rd Psalm: Redemption

(Feature, 72 mins.), Producer, Director, Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Entertainment One (2013).

10 Commandments of Chloe Trailer

Odom-Booker Entertainment co-produced the feature film “10 Commandments of Chloe” along with One Way or Another Productions. I was also the Cinematographer for the movie and the Editor for the Trailer. Jason Burkey, who portrayed “Sam” in “23rd Psalm: Redemption”, was the male lead.

Professional American Male Voiceover Talent

Big Trip To Japan

A Will To Win

I shot and edited this teaser trailer for “A Will To Win,” which is about the history of athletics and academics at Tennessee State University (TSU). It is a Co-Production between Shereitte C. Stokes, III and One Way Or Another Productions, LLC. Princeton Holt, whom I worked with on “10 Commandments of Chloe” is the director. I am attached as the Cinematographer for the documentary feature.

Horror Movie Trailer

I edited this horror teaser trailer for a graphic novel and web series being turned into a low-budget feature film.

Big Trip Abroad

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Airborne Unlimited

23rd Psalm

This is the original Festival Trailer for my Faith-Based feature, “The 23rd Psalm.” It screened in and won awards in Film Festivals around the world including “Best Film by a Black Filmmaker” in the “Berlin Black Cinema International Festival” and “Best Film” in the “San Diego Black Film Festival.”

“The 23rd Psalm” is the story of a troubled Police Detective who must transcend his shortcomings and renew his faith in order to solve a mysterious crime.


Quantum Multiverse Theory Explained

Quantum Multiverse Theory Explained – Simply 📱 🔭 🌌

Quantum Multiverse Theory Explained – Simply 📱 🔭 🌌 . For Creative Project 2, “Chance Operations,” in my History and Theory of Dynamic Media course for my project entitled, “1-2-1,” I decided to create a Participatory Art Illustration of Quantum Mechanics Multiverse Theory. Simply put, “Quantum Mechanics Multiverse Theory” tells us that at the subatomic level, whenever a quantum particle changes its state, all…

Synchronicity – A Fluxus Score

“Synchronicity” A Fluxus Score by Christopher C. Odom Perform with a Timekeeper plus 2 to 7 additional Participants. Requires a timer and a blank TV screen or monitor. Perform score for 3 minutes and 14 seconds. BEGIN SCORE. Timekeeper Say, “Synchronicity.” Start timer. Say, “0 minutes.” At 2 minutes, say, “2 Minutes.” At 3 minutes and 4 seconds, say, “Synchronicity.”…