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Christopher C. Odom is an Award-Winning Writer, Director, Producer and Author who earned his Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from the University of California, Los Angeles. An Associate Member of the Writers Guild of America, west Independent Writers Caucus, Christopher has won numerous screenwriting and filmmaking awards. His work has been nationally televised and screened in cities worldwide, including Tel Aviv, Berlin and Cannes.

ANN’s ‘Who’s Who’ At Oshkosh: Chris Odom

Introducing Staff, Stringers, Videographers, And People Who Make It All Work Anyone who’s ever been to Oshkosh knows that there are hundreds of events and activities as well as tens of thousands of people that descend (some quite literally) on Wittman Regional Airport in mid-summer. While we have a very hard-working and dedicated staff, ANN could not provide you with…

Airborne Unlimited

Princeton Holt Letter of Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

“Christopher is knowledgeable about not only the technical side of filmmaking but the business side of as well, which in my experience, is a rare quality to have. Working with him is easy because he works very fast and efficiently.” — Princeton Holt ( Princeton Holt Letter of Recommendation – ONLINE

Michael Tabb Letter of Recommendation for Christopher C. Odom

              “Mr. Odom is one of the most positive thinkers I know today and always advises from a place of integrity, fearlessness, and intelligence. He keeps policies, creates formulas for success, and never gets caught up in ego, personal politics, nor takes sides.” — Michael Tabb ( Michael Tabb Letter of Recommendation