Still I Rise By Maya Angelou

How to Rise?

The “Still I Rise” remix is best experienced in the Chrome browser on desktop or laptop computer. Please turn on your speakers, as sound is essential to your Rise experience. Slowly and carefully mouseover each line and every word of the poem, whereas there are multiple hidden messages, both above and below the surface. There’s literally more to the Blackness than meets the eye. Continue to experience your Rise by clicking on the links.

Why Rise?

From the earliest cave paintings to fireside chats, a fluid re/presentation of story evolved as an artistic and rhetorical form of expression. Narrative, semiotics, and rhetoric in electronic literature offer salient areas for scholarly research (Bouchardon, 2010, p. 2). Through multimodality (Maziarczyk, 2019, p. 149) and intertextuality, electronic literature engages other artistic forms of expression such as video, visual art, and voice to exploit the full aesthetics of the digital experience (Aktories & Yáñez, 2017, p. 285).

“Still I Rise” is a JavaScript interactive poetry machine remix the blends multiple digital mediums with cultural artifacts of the past and present to weave together a rhetorical and semiotic interactive experience that enlightens society and uplifts the human spirit.


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